Teacher Training Program-Details, FAQS and registration

Are You Ready to Begin Teaching What You Love?

Introducing the Yoga Studio College Teacher Training Program

Our Teacher Training Program will empower you to achieve a higher degree of wellness and give you the tools to become a confident, passionate teacher.

Enrolled in Our Program You Will:

Be part of an age-old discipline that helps one live a balanced life.
Attain more joy, knowledge and confidence.
Increase the gift of health and vitality for yourself and those around you.
Have more stamina and resilience to meet life’s challenges.
Bring your yoga skills to corporate, educational and medical settings.
Fulfill your highest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Yoga Studio College Teacher Training Overview

Our Yoga Studio College Teacher Training curriculum is a professional 200+ hour certification course allowing you to use this 200 hour insignia upon graduation.

The syllabus in this training is based on classical postures that laid the foundation for all styles of yoga current today. From this foundation and current styles, you will learn how to draw up appropriate class plans. The use of props are taught to facilitate better openings, alignment. and progressive learning. There are important modules on breath work, anatomy, self inquiry, yoga philosophy and business set up. You emerge as a capable, well rounded teacher.

We’ll get you practice teaching as soon as possible, and we can even help you find teaching positions after you graduate! Our training program is Government Certified and Tax Deductible.

Meet Your Senior Teacher

Trish Robbins is Calgary's most senior trainer in restorative yoga.  Literally thousands of people have found their way to Trish's restorative classes and experienced profound healing in their lives.  Her skillful and intuitive understanding of BKS Iyengar's classical restorative series is unparalleled in Calgary.

Mentored and trained by Judith Lasater since 1998, Trish includes Judith's strong foundation of Relax and Renew© in the classroom.  She is the teacher of choice referred by the medical community.  Physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors send their patients to Trish for relief of symptoms, to learn self-management or get beyond a diagnosis.  She guides her Gold Therapy trainees to become successful stewards of this series.  She brings a depth of knowledge and gentle energy into the classroom, creating and experiential and life rewarding experience.  Trish teaches her trainees to approach each individual uniquely, always with compassion and a keen eye towards their specific needs.

Certifications:  BKS Iyengar, YAA, Judith Lasater, Heaven On Earth Yoga Institute, YCAT, Neil Pearson

"Trish has such a kind and caring spirit, and I've seen first hand how she gently but firmly guides both her students and clients to better knowledge and understanding not only of yoga asanas (postures) but in understanding themselves a bit better (8 limbs of yoga). Trish understands what it is like to recover from a debilitating illness, and can relate to the many struggles physically and emotionally recovery brings. She offers a wealth of experience to her teachings and knowledgably modifies where required recognizing that each individual is unique. She is a lovely and amazing person and I'm so blessed to have her as my teacher for the gold therapy program at the Yoga College of Canada." 

- Tracy Roberge RYT200 class of '15, RYT300 class of '16

The Yoga Studio College of Canada

Established in 1996 by Valery Petrich , The Yoga Studio College of Canada is Calgary’s pioneer teacher training facility. Known as the ‘home studio’ to many, it has trained more than 1,000 graduates. These trainees teach in a variety of settings across Canada including corporate, health and educational facilities. Officially recognized by the Canadian Government as an educational institute for Yoga Therapy.

Benefits of the Yoga Studio College Training

  • Achieve a higher degree of physical health than you thought possible. 
  • Experience a life-style change that makes you more positive and healthy!
  • Gain more confidence by finding your teacher’s voice. 
  • Overcome fears and become more engaged with accomplishing your life goals!
  • Have more physical stamina, emotional resilience and mental clarity. 
  • Enjoy increased energy through-out the day and a more positive attitude!
  • Model yoga skills such as balance and harmony for your family. Do yoga together! 
  • Help others in your life experience optimal health and wellness!
  • Resolve negative patterns in your life by gaining greater awareness. 
  • Let go of bad habits and be more positive in dealing with lifes trials and tribulations!
  • Add more appeal to your resume by listing your yoga certification. 
  • Employers take interest, gain an edge over the competition!
  • Join a broader network of yoga community 
  • Meet new people that will help keep you motivated to continue your practice!
  • Learn how to launch your own yoga business, find students and earn money 
  • Gain a new prosperous career!
  • Learn life skills such as concentration and focus and more joy and harmony.

    Why Choose The Yoga Studio College?

    • We don’t believe in ‘crash’ trainings. Besides being too straining for the nervous system, it rushes the unique spiritual, emotional and physical unfolding of the individual. We provide a well paced program that accommodates your growth, your job, and your family.
    • We include a yoga pass for unlimited classes at our Yoga Studio north locations as well as access to two south studios.
    • We give you a solid curriculum of 62 popular poses and their multiple modifications to serve your student’s unique needs.
    • We show you a teaching foundation that includes skill, compassion, integrity, and safety.
    • We teach you precautions for back problems, pregnancy, injuries, and other physical conditions.
    • We help you find your own unique gifts and voice.
    • We provide a safe, fun environment where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to deepen their practice of yoga. They come as strangers and leave as life-long friends.
    • We give you the skills to compete in the marketplace, write class plans and set up classes where you are…
    • We teach trainees the fundamentals of yoga as a therapy, including meditation which can achieve results with just 5 minutes per day.
    • Our booklist is books you’ll use for life long reference, no nonsense!
    • Our faculty are long-term practitioners who teach and guide with skill, expertise, and compassion.
    • We guide you on the business side, including advertising, incorporation, and being hirable
    • We provide your name to our constant stream of inquiries for employment. We’ll help get you teaching as soon as possible!

    What Others Have to Say

    The Teacher Training Program exposed me to the warmth of a yoga family and community that transcends over generations. Overall the training infused a new depth of skill and personal discipline leaving me always with a thirst for more .

    Val, your kind words meant a lot to me. Being a yoga instructor definitely gave me an advantage in getting the job, even over the candidates who took the medical office assistant program! I am so grateful for everything I have learned from you.
    I have learned *lots* about yoga, even though I have gone to yoga classes for over 15 years. I did not realize that yoga has so much to it, ie - benefits of poses, philosophy - all new learning for me. I am very grateful to all my yoga teachers at the YS who are always so willing to answer questions and assist me with my problems. They always seem to have time to help me..
    I am enjoying the training very much. I look forward to each and every Friday to be with my peers , it is truly an oasis in my hectic life

    Frequently Asked Questions

    “Am I experienced enough to join this program?”

    There is no such thing! We all start where we are and increase flexibility and awareness as we journey through the same curriculum together.

    “My employer won’t let me take certain days off, what can I do?”

    Most employers are more than happy to negotiate days off when they know their employee will be more relaxed and productive! The Calgary School Board even concluded the results of letting their teachers attend our training paid huge dividends all around! And hey, if the CBE does it, well! Also, many trainees have taught yoga over the lunch hour to ‘pay back’ their employer’s support.

    “How soon will I be teaching?”

    You will begin teaching in the safety of your classroom to your fellow students. From there, you will teach special public classes set up just for you as a teacher in training.

    “I have a medical issue. Will that be a drawback to joining this program?”

    No, in fact, just the opposite. Managing your health issues with yoga makes you an expert on yoga and gives you the ability to better relate to student’s needs. Many yoga teachers found the path of yoga through a problem back, injury or other issues.

    Teacher Training Certification Program Outline

    Module: Instructor
    Asana Syllabus 101-107, 60+ Classical Poses: Trish Robbins
    Principles of Linking and Sequencing: Trish Robbins
    Mastering Sanskrit: Pandit Dabral
    Yoga Philosophy - What is Sadhana?: Pandit Dabral
    How to Prepare Class Plans: Trish Robbins
    Philosophy 201 & 202: Anne Douglas
    Principles of Demonstration, Observation and Correction: Trish Robbins
    Cueing and Correcting: Trish Robbins
    History and Principles of Restorative Yoga: Trish Robbins
    Myths and Merits of Meditation: Val Petrich
    The Business of Yoga: Trish Robbins
    How to teach weekend workshop: Trish Robbins
    How to teach Headstand, Shoulderstand & Savasana: Trish Robbins

    Additional Requirements/Homework (Outside Classroom Hours):

    • Attend a minimum of 32 classes (Drop-in class pass is included in tuition.)
    • Assist and Observe 32 classes with an approved teacher
    • Take home quizzes on material covered
    • Open book summer exam
    • Practice teach (Fiver Fridays at The Yoga Studio of Calgary - Crowchild & Oak Bay Studios) and teaching assessment

    Required Texts:

    • Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar
    • Light on Pranayama by B.K.S. Iyengar
    • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as interpreted by Mukunda Stiles
    • Bhagavad Gita by Stephen Mitchell

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