Gold Therapist Training – Details, FAQS and Registration

Become a Leading-Edge Yoga Therapist!

Introducing the Gold Yoga Therapist Certification Program

Are you a certified yoga teacher wishing to advance your skills in yoga as a therapy? Or are you a serious yoga student wishing to pursue personal studies to profoundly deepen your practice? Then our program is for you!

By Enrolling in Our Program to Become a Yoga Therapist You Will:

    • Meet a growing demand for yoga therapists
    • Learn how to give programs for any ailment, such as with heart and lung, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, addictions, asthma, migraines,etc.
    • Learn the ‘five pillars of professionalism’ to advance your yoga skills
    • Personally apply the principals of restorative yoga into your own life
    • Decode your personality aspects in order to listen to your innate spiritual wisdom
    • Learn how to launch an advanced professional career helping others
    • Increase your earning potential as a yoga teacher
    • Link with other professionals in the broader yoga community
    • Allowed to use this 200 hour insignia in all your advertising

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy, refers to the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques and practices to help individuals reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve attitude. Yoga therapy successfully treats a number of conditions such as diabetes, cancer, auto immune disorders, anxiety and depression, insomnia, allergies, asthma, heart and lung ailments, arthritis to name a few. The Yoga Studio has been the home to thousands of students over the years who have managed or healed their conditions through the practice of restorative yoga. Yoga therapy is the ‘customization’ of yoga or a yoga ‘prescription’ that is drawn up to meet the individual’s unique needs.

Meet Your Senior Teacher

Trish Robbins, Co-Director of the Gold Therapy Teacher Training Program

Trish Robbins is Calgary's most senior trainer in restorative yoga. Literally thousands of people have found their way to Trish's restorative classes and experienced profound healing in their lives. Her skillful and intuitive understanding of BKS Iyengar's classical restorative series is unparalleled in Calgary.

Mentored and trained by Judith Lasater since 1998, Trish includes Judith's strong foundation of Relax and Renew© in the classroom. She is the teacher of choice referred by the medical community. Physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors send their patients to Trish for relief of symptoms, to learn self-management or get beyond a diagnosis. She guides her Gold Therapy trainees to become successful stewards of this series. She brings a depth of knowledge and gentle energy into the classroom, creating and experiential and life rewarding experience. Trish teaches her trainees to approach each individual uniquely, always with compassion and a keen eye towards their specific needs.

Certifications: BKS Iyengar, YAA, Judith Lasater, Heaven On Earth Yoga Institute, YCAT, Neil Pearson

"Trish has such a kind and caring spirit, and I've seen first hand how she gently but firmly guides both her students and clients to better knowledge and understanding not only of yoga asanas (postures) but in understanding themselves a bit better (8 limbs of yoga). Trish understands what it is like to recover from a debilitating illness, and can relate to the many struggles physically and emotionally recovery brings. She offers a wealth of experience to her teachings and knowledgably modifies where required recognizing that each individual is unique. She is a lovely and amazing person and I'm so blessed to have her as my teacher for the gold therapy program at the Yoga College of Canada." 

- Tracy Roberge RYT200 class of '15, RYT300 class of '16

The Yoga Studio College of Canada

Established in 1996 by Valery Petrich , The Yoga Studio College of Canada is Calgary’s pioneer teacher training facility. Known as the ‘home studio’ to many, it has trained more than 1,000 graduates. These trainees teach in a variety of settings across Canada including corporate, health and educational facilities. Officially recognized by the Canadian Government as an educational institute for Yoga Therapy.

Benefits of the Gold Yoga Therapist Program

  • Learn how to quiet the body, still the emotions, clarify the mind, and listen to the spiritual
  • Learn how to deal with fatigue, stress and burnout Expand your professional horizons and career
  • Gain skills to better evaluate and meet your student’s needs
  • Be prepared to meet the increasing job opportunities available in medical, corporate, education and counseling environments
  • Increase your earning potential as a yoga teacher

About This Style of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy encompasses a psycho-spiritual approach to healing by using a combination of the 8 limbs of yoga to help individuals heal and ease through life transitions. The science of breath (pranayama) is included in this training as an integral part of any yoga prescription. Meditation is taught and practiced so the therapist can guide the client to a peaceful state of mind while in the repose of asana.

What Others Have to Say

I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every presentation and presenter. I can liken my experience to my first year of university where the courses are all a survey for their respective specialties. All are loaded with huge amounts of information presented in too short of time.
I appreciate the flexibility of the program and the openness of the teachers, the resources available to me were not matched in any other program I looked at.
I appreciate the flexibility of the program and the openness of the teachers, the resources available to me were not matched in any other program I looked at.
I am *very* impressed with the knowledge and qualifications of *all* the instructors. As well, how the program is paced and structured is very thorough.

Our Teachers & Instructors

Val Petrich, Director of The Yoga Studio College of Canada

Valery Petrich is a yoga pioneer in Canada. Her studies have been extensive and varied. Introduced to yoga in 1975 through Friedel Khattab and Swami Radha, Valery became the Canadian representative for Unity in Yoga in the 1980’s and introduced many revered American teachers to the Canadian landscape. Valery studied personally with BKS Iyengar in 1983 and received a certificate from him in 2002. She was the first commercial studio and yoga college to open in Calgary in 1996. Through her success, mentorship, and teaching, Valery has modeled yoga and business for many others. She carries the conviction that a commitment to personal practice always yields results, including a broader sense of self sufficiency and awareness. Valery guides students in teacher training to develop their own unique gifts and to find their calling, whatever it may be.

Certifications: BKS Iyengar, Khattab, Psychosynthesis, Himalayan Tradition Initiate

Lynn Fraser

Lynn Fraser brings a life time of unique experience to her trainings which she shares generously and with touching honesty. She advocates a model of self-inquiry based on yoga teachings to help the individual unleash a personal power beyond habits and ingrained beliefs. Encouraging each participant to use their life lessons as ‘grist for the mill’, Lynn lights the way for each person to discover their own strengths, purpose and freedom. Lynn is certified through the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association (IHYTA) and the Yoga Center of Calgary. She is a faculty member of the Yoga Studio College in Calgary and a Certified Living Realization Inquiry Facilitator. She was a founding member of the organizing committee for the IHYTA.

Tracey Delfs

Tracey has been working in the area of Wellness since she received her degree from the UofA with a Major in Health and Fitness Promotion in 1991. 

 She skipped out of a girls surf trip in 1998 to go and do a retreat with a Zen monk in France. Her friends thought she was crazy at the time. However, since then she has been studying Mindfulness on a regular basis with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village in France and recently at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism, Germany. She has been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 1999 and has had the opportunity to study with many Master yoga teachers including Sri K. Pattabi Jois, Norman Allen and Nancy Gilgoff.

Tracey has been a Certified Co-Active Coach (Life Coach) with The Coaches Training Institute (since 2004).

Tracey's vision..."My vision is to use 20 years of experience working in the wellness industry to inspire individuals to move away from stress and towards a place of radiant health, inner peace, peak performance and happiness."

Anne Douglas

Anne Douglas has been teaching since 1989 and trains teachers internationally through her company Her sensitivity to student’s needs creates a safe container for practice and self-inquiry. She shares a wealth of information on how to guide your students respectfully and passionately through the positive growth of yoga. Anne holds certification in Kripalu Level 1, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, iRest Yoga Nidra and Ashtanga Yoga. She helped Richard Miller, PhD. develop the well known iRest – Yoga Nidra trainings. She served as a Director on the Board of the Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI) in the U.S. and is a faculty member of The Yoga Studio College.

Neil Pearson

Neil blends physiotherapy and yoga therapy as complimentary sciences. Neil works exclusively with people in pain. He teaches health care professionals and yoga teachers to do the same, taking every opportunity to integrate their training with our most insightful teachers – those living in pain Neil Pearson PT, MSc, BA-BPHE, CYT, RYT500 is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. He received the first Excellence in Inter-Professional Pain Education Award from the Canadian Pain Society. He is a Board member of Pain BC, founding Chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division, a physiotherapist, yoga therapist and creator of Pain Care Yoga Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. “Do I qualify for this program if I am not a certified yoga teacher?”

A. If you have a good foundation in asana (poses) and a long term practice, you may be considered for this program. A short interview will help us determine if you are ready.

Q. “What is the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist?”

A. A yoga therapist can give further help to those with health challenges. A yoga therapist will apply restorative, palliative or curative techniques depending on the needs of the client.

Q. “Do I have to be trained in any specific style of yoga before I can take this training?”

A. No. The curriculum for this course teaches you how to adapt traditional postures in a restorative, relaxing way. You will enlarge your repertoire of yoga poses while learning how to modify them all using restorative principals.

Q. “Must I be free of any health challenges if I take this training?”

A. A yoga teacher who manages her own health through yoga makes the best kind of yoga teacher! Having experienced the effectiveness of yoga firsthand, you become a more gifted teacher.

Q. “As a yoga therapist, when would I be ready to treat clients?”

A. You will attend restorative classes at the yoga studios and mentor with senior teachers. You are required to do some assisting in these classes. You will then do trial assessments with volunteer students before you actually book your own clients. Every step is taken to help you be well prepared for your first client.

Q. “Where would I set up as a yoga therapist?”

A. You start by making the transition from teaching regular yoga classes to restorative classes. There is a demand for restorative teachers in most studios throughout the city. There is also a growing demand for private yoga therapy sessions which you can do in your home, office or by booking our studio space.

Q. “As a yoga therapist, would I need to have any medical training?”

A. Any medical training is an asset but not a requirement. Yoga therapy is not intended to replace medical treatment. Rather, it is a yoga prescription which often helps clients reduce their need for medication as they become more involved in their own healing process. Adequate time is spent covering prominent medical terms and conditions.

Gold Yoga Therapist Certification Program Outline

Module: Instructor
Asana as Therapy Syllabus 301-307: Trish Robbins
The Medicine of Meditation: Val Petrich & Tracey Delfs
 The Principles and Practice of Mindfulness Meditation: Tracey Delfs
 How to Teach Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety and Depression: Lynn Fraser
 The Principles and Practice of Mantra Meditation: Lynn Fraser
 Asana as Therapy - Teaching Yoga for those with Heart and Lung Ailments: Trish Robbins
 Teaching Yoga for those facing a Cancer Diagnosis: Tyla Arnason
 Teaching Yoga for Chronic Fatigue, Fibroidmyalgia, Athritis, Lupus, etc: Kim McNeil
 Teaching Yoga for Addictions: Val Petrich
 The 7 Chakras in Yoga: Lynn Fairey
 Teaching Pranayama as Therapy: Anne Douglas
 Teaching Yoga Nidra: Anne Douglas
 Sutras of the InnerTeacher - Centre of Conciousness : Val Petrich
 Sutras of the Inner Teacher - Sub Personalities: Val Petrich
 A Yogic and Biological Perspective on Pain: Neil Pearson

Additional Requirements/Homework (Outside Classroom Hours):

  • Participation in 30 classes.
  • Assist and Observe in 30 Restorative Yoga classes with an approved teacher.
  • Take home quizzes on material covered.
  • Two client assessments (clients provided/assigned by College).
  • Open book summer exam.
  • Yoga Therapy Research Paper.

Required Texts:

  • Relax and Renew  by Judith Lasater
  • Sutras of the Inner Teacher  by Martin Jerry M.D. and Marian Jerry Ph.D
  • Path to Holistic Health by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Light on Pranayama by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Coming to our Senses  by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Recommended Text:
  • The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi

Are You Ready to Profoundly Deepen Your Practice and Become a Professional Yoga Therapist?


2017 Gold Therapy Teacher Training is full!  Contact Trish at for the 2018 intake.

Investment of $3,800.00 (No GST)

(*Please note-prerequisites are not included in tuition cost.)

$1000.00 Student Reservation Deposit  

Email Trish For Gold Therapy Inquiries

$2800 Pay Balance

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$3800 Full Payment

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Balance due November 1, 2017.  No refunds after January 31, 2018.

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